Envisant Partnership with McQueen Connects Credit Unions with Quality Advice and Reporting

Envisant Partnership with McQueen Connects Credit Unions with Quality Advice and Reporting

Naperville, IL. April 18, 2023 – Envisant has partnered with McQueen Financial Advisors to help credit unions access customized advice and reporting solutions critical to maintaining healthy liquidity and earnings while managing risk.


As an SEC registered investment advisory firm, McQueen puts the best interests of their clients first while providing expert, personal, professional, and results-oriented services. Their services include investment portfolio management, asset liability management, mortgage servicing rights valuation, merger valuation and strategic consulting services to financial institutions.


Envisant and McQueen share a common goal of supporting credit union stability and success amid all economic environments. They forged this partnership to introduce more credit unions to quality tools and advisory services that address some of the most important and challenging aspects of building healthy margins. McQueen helps credit unions of all sizes gain insights through customized asset liability reports and recommendations for sound investment strategies that balance earnings with risk management for healthy balance sheets and growth. 


“We are excited to partner with Envisant as we are both committed to helping credit unions not only survive, but thrive in this unique market.” Says Charles McQueen, President of McQueen Financial Advisors.  “Envisant and McQueen have the same philosophical views and focus on helping credit unions.” 


“Envisant’s partnership with McQueen Financial Advisors comes at a critical time. Uncertainty in the banking sector has created a greater sense of urgency for credit unions to monitor interest rates and liquidity,” says Libby Calderone, President of Envisant. “McQueen provides powerful tools and expertise to help credit unions gather relevant, applicable insights needed for astute ALM, liquidity planning, and investment management.” 


The partnership between Envisant and McQueen Financial Advisors brings more credit unions the opportunity to be included in comprehensive services that help them have a strong financial position from which to grow and serve their members and communities. ¬¬


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