Five Reasons to Consider a New ALM Provider

Five Reasons to Consider a New ALM Provider

In the world of finance, just like in life, things change — including your bank or credit union's needs. As you grow and the rules of the game shift thanks to new regulations and market conditions, what you need from your asset liability model provider might change too. Sometimes, it's pretty clear when you've outpaced your current provider, like when they can't keep up with the latest compliance demands or don't have the tools to manage risk the way you need them to. Other times, the hints are subtler, like a feeling that they're just not on the same page anymore or they're lagging behind in adopting the latest tech. It's important to keep an eye out for these signs because sticking with the right asset liability partner is key to keeping your financial institution on solid ground and moving forward.


Here are five reasons to consider a new ALM provider:


You are growing and becoming more complex:


Great news – your financial institution is growing and evolving, which is fantastic. With expansion into new services or markets, it's critical to ask: do you have the support structure in place to meet your increasingly complex financial management needs? As your operations become more sophisticated, you might find that a more resourceful asset liability model provider, one with a deeper understanding of technical requirements, a larger capacity for work, and a wider geographic coverage, is essential. Such a provider can offer specialized support tailored to the varied demands of your expanding footprint. For example, as your institution extends its reach, a partner with expertise in navigating the nuances of different regional markets or specific financial sectors could prove invaluable.


You deserve attention and great service


You deserve a service that's tailored to the unique needs of your financial institution. It's not just about having an asset liability management consultant with a wide range of services; it's also about how those services are delivered to you. Consider how well the consulting firm adapts its offerings to fit your specific requirements. For instance, if you're noticing a high turnover in your consulting team or if it feels like you're not getting the focused attention you need, it might be a sign that a change is overdue.


Choosing a consulting firm that's ready to quickly address your concerns, with professionals who are open to candid conversations, lays the groundwork for a more effective and streamlined asset liability management process. Aim for a partner that offers easy access to its most experienced and knowledgeable leaders, allowing you to benefit from their extensive industry insights and expertise. This approach ensures that your institution receives the specialized attention and service it truly requires.


You're after better communication


The foundation of a solid partnership with your asset liability management consulting team is built on trust, transparency, and a genuine two-way conversation. Consulting services are crucial to navigating the complex landscape of financial management, and being able to tackle tough topics openly is key.


A meaningful connection means your consultants not only have the right skills and knowledge but also a deep understanding of your financial institution and the sector it operates in. They need to grasp the nuances of your business to provide effective guidance. A consultant that’s truly right for you is one who’s committed to learning about your operations and dedicated enough to take the time needed to do so. They're also adept at keeping you informed about any financial reporting changes that could impact you, ensuring that communication is clear and actionable.


You're looking for real value


It's important to evaluate the worth you're getting from your asset liability management consultant's efforts, not just make changes based on cost alone. Consulting firms that pour resources into the latest technology and hire experts with the right technical chops do come at a price, but the investment should translate into tangible benefits for your financial institution.


Start by asking the right questions to really dig into the value that's being delivered for the fees you're paying. It's about understanding what you're getting in return — the insights, the expertise, and the technology that can propel your institution forward. This thoughtful evaluation is crucial in deciding whether it's time to stick with your current consultant or move on to one that aligns better with your value expectations.


You're looking to strengthen your confidence in the asset liability management (ALM) consulting process.


As your financial institution expands and faces more complexity, dependable financial insights become increasingly vital.


The quality of ALM consulting that instills confidence in your internal and external stakeholders is rooted in integrity, expertise, neutrality, and independence. Several factors highlight the quality of ALM consulting:


  • Consultancy Firm Quality: Is the consultancy transparent about its quality control systems that ensure high-quality service? Does it possess the necessary resources and reach to support your growing needs? Are its methodologies designed to prevent unexpected issues, identify potential problems early, and deliver timely outcomes?
  • Quality of Engagement Team Services: Does the team have the requisite skills, sector-specific knowledge, and resources? Do they leverage technology and data analytics effectively to pinpoint risks while also providing valuable human insights?
  • Communication and Interaction: Are the consultancy team members open to engaging in honest, comprehensive discussions? Are complex issues broken down into language that’s easy to grasp? Is there regular engagement with the consultancy's leadership and easy access to its experts as needed? Does the lead consultant offer valuable perspectives on your institution's processes and controls, including those concerning management decisions?
  • Consultant Independence and Objectivity: Does the consultancy have mechanisms in place to ensure its staff adhere to necessary independence standards? In case of differing opinions between your management and the consultants, does the lead consultant facilitate a clear and professional dialogue that represents both sides accurately? Is there an emphasis on applying both professional judgment and skepticism throughout the consulting process?


It's time to make a strategic choice. Each financial institution's journey towards growth is unique, and finding the right asset liability management (ALM) consulting partner is key to navigating this path successfully. A consultancy with a rich blend of experience that aligns with your specific needs will be the perfect match. High-quality ALM consulting from a team that's fully engaged can lay a strong foundation, boosting confidence in your financial strategies as your institution expands and flourishes. Whether you're looking to extend your reach nationally or globally, the right consultancy will have the capabilities to support your growing geographical presence.


Moreover, a consultancy that knows when and how to harness the latest technological resources can deliver a valuable, top-tier consulting experience. Its professionals will not only be familiar with your sector but will also bring deep industry insights, converting complex information into actionable intelligence.


The ideal ALM consulting firm is one that caters to organizations like yours, prioritizing attentive service, responsive support, and a relationship built on trust. If you're in search of a partner that focuses on these principles, it's time to connect with us. Together, we can ensure your financial institution not only meets its current challenges but is also poised for future success.